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Well…… as usual, it's a pleasure to "read you"! It was a bit frustrating to have to choose only one favorite section and I say that because I love the fact the Introductions are so personal. We don't get much "personal" email at work. Often, what you write reminds me that I need to look and go outside more often, and think about and write about and communicate more about just "human" stuff.

I'm really glad you're working on Te Ata (I saw the film on Netflix about her) and on the project with Mame. Once my book is done (hopefully) by June/July, I want to try to design a website onto which to transfer aspects of what I've written about, visual and sound material, etc. (I'm even considering applying for a small grant to be able to go to the Diaz Ayala Popular Music collection at Florida International University to be able to get rights to uploading music that would have been used in some of these plays. I don't have a clear picture of it yet, but it's been a long time coming/gestating. Because it deals with issues of race and representation, it cannot be all "celebratory." Instead, it needs to help people understand the contexgt in which this particular blackface theater took place, and why. And questions about what different forms of "blackface" or assumed identities exist today, and how, and why. Anyway… I hope to see you at some point this semester! Kenya

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