I've been researching and looking into large language models too. I think it's a great tool that, if used appropriately, can improve the productivity of students and teachers by a lot. Recently, I've been using GPT and the New Bing to learn new concepts and connecting the dots between these concepts and what I already knew. If being mindful and practicing critical thinking, I think they can help you quickly get started in researching ideas and diving deeper. The way that people ask questions could be a great differentiator in the quality of the responses and thus the quality of work produced with the help of those AIs - if a student takes the first response from the AI and blindly trusts it without any fact-checking or digging deeper, the resulting work can be disastrous and filled with hallucinations and false statements; but if a student asks follow up questions and brings up their own perspectives to compare with what's given by the AI, the depth of thinking could be greatly improved.

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