Issue #70 - The Spaces in Between

Micro Issue - Summer break #1

I’m taking a break for the next few weeks, so this is a shorter issue than would normally drop into your inbox. I hope that you enjoy this selection of links and pics, feel free to get in touch, and look forward to catching up later in the summer.

We happened to be in Gettysburgh over Memorial Weekend, here is a photo from the battlefield, with the distinctive barricades - by Stephan

Ten Things

  1. There will be a Playful Learning Online Conference between July 12-16th. Join the team for a week of challenges, activities, and informal discussions. Register and complete your first simple challenge.

  2. Very pleased and proud to be able to contribute a few minutes to this episode of the Teaching & Scholarship Podcast. I even get my own intro jingle.

  3. The IALLT website has a fascinating discussion about ImmersiveMe that uses VR for language learning. (via fltmag)

  4. Another podcast, Class Disrupted takes a look at the kind of fatigue that a great many of us have endured in the past 18 months. (via The Future of Education)

  5. The UK’s ALT- Association for Learning Technology is developing ethical principles for TEL, take a look at the resources and be part of the conversation here.

  6. I’m listening to Adrianne’s band Big Thief, but this is a gem from her solo album.

  7. The Pigeon Bagel recently posted an Instagram story in solidarity with the Palestinian people and is now facing calls for a boycott and accusations that they support Hamas. This sort of knuckleheaded nonsense is distressing, and I would counter by encouraging you to buy more bagels from this caring and empathetic family business. There’s a short video for you.

  8. “Robots can be our partners” claims MIT researcher Kate Darling, we need to think about robots and AI like our pets and other animals. (via The Guardian)

  9. Mary McGillivray teaches art history via theiconoclass on TikTok, this is the perfect way to share old masters with a new generation.

  10. I suppose it’s a step in the right direction (via @documentally)

    That’s a wrap for this week. I hope that you’re doing well and look forward to finding time to get together with you next week.