Issue #71 - The Spaces in Between

Micro Issue - Summer break #2

I’m taking a break for the next few weeks, so this is a shorter issue than would normally drop into your inbox. I hope that you enjoy this selection of links and pics, feel free to get in touch, and look forward to catching up later in the summer.

  1. I’m writing about cognitive load theory and VR (I know…) and stumbled on this piece in Wired from 2012 about how cognitive load affects willpower.

    Spoiler alert: you’ll always order the cheeseburger if you have to walk down a busy, noisy street on your way to lunch.

  2. I’ve resumed early morning writing (with a cup of tea) and found this suggestion of thinking about writing bouts as pebbles, stones, and rocks quite useful.

  3. For the first time, I’m including a Territorial Acknowledgement to my syllabus, as I learn more about the history of the region and educate myself on many of the wider issues facing indigenous people of the Americas. This guide by The University of Alberta has been helpful and inspired me to learn more.

    (via Three Teaching Things)

  4. Currently reading Feck Perfunction (affiliate link), I’ve seen it on the shelves of so many illustrators, artists, and designers that it seemed to be screaming out at me. I’m not usually a fan of the sort of “be yourself, find your true calling” books, but there are some gems, such as “the things that made you weird as a kid make you great today”. If I can harness the creativity of that 15-year-old, drawing dogs, writing scripts, speaking French, and cycling through country lanes then I will have a successful career ahead of me.

  5. Translation in Google Sheets is so simple.

  6. I’m not scared of reentering society, I’m just not sure I want to (via The Atlantic)

  7. Naomi Osaka and the power of ‘nope’.

  8. Give your brain a break…

  9. Race on Campus, examining words that cover broader swaths of racial groups and which ones to use when.

  10. Enjoy the incredible photos of the Milky Way Photographer of the Year.

    There are so many flags representing LGBTQIA+ people but if you’re not sure what they all are then Cosmo has a handy guide. My fav flag suppliers Flags for Good have a fine selection.

That’s all for this week, take care.